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            About the Expo

            CAHE Information


            China Animal Husbandry Expo, known as CAHE around the world, held from May 18-20 but in different cities every year, is the largest livestock show in Asia! CAHE can be the most perfect platform for you to know about the Chinese livestock industry and start your business in China!


            In CAHE, the exhibition scope covers the whole livestock chain from farm to table, including animal breeding (pig, poultry, cattle, sheep and goat, rabbit, deer, camel, fur-bearing animal, specials and etc.), animal health, animal housing, feed and feed additives, feed processing, grain & raw material, processing equipment, meat processing, packaging, refrigeration, meat products, egg products, grass and seed, media, knowledge transfer, consultancy, bio-energy and etc.


            Nowadays, modern information technologies and digital networks have been widely used in many agricultural fields, CAHE organizing committee follows the trend timely and launches the new exhibition system. From now on, the new system provides you various online services such as selecting booths, generating your own H5 page, collecting the tickets, displaying the exhibits in advance, getting the relative exhibition information and so on. During the CAHE 2019, lots of livestock related international conference like China Conference on Intelligent Animal Husbandry Development, China Animal Husbandry Technology Forum and New Productions and New Technology Conference, The 6th Global Pig Forum and the17th China Swine Industry Development Conference will be held. Meanwhile, we cooperate with more than 70 professional media, magazines and large enterprises to help promote CAHE and hold kinds of carnival activities, seminars, workshops, field visit, press conferences and etc.


            The scale and influence of CAHE is improving every year, it has now become the largest and most influential livestock event in Asia! Since 2014, CAHE has been officially approved by Ministry of Commerce to be China International Animal Husbandry Expo.

            The 11th CHINA ANIMAL HUSBANDRY EXPO (CAHE) 2013